IT Security & Data Protection


IT security and data protection is embedded in the culture of PeopleWeek. It is the responsibility of all PeopleWeek employees and ownership starts with the management team.

PeopleWeek’s IT Security Committee meets regularly and ensures that the organisation proactively manages risks and has robust policies, procedures and day-to-day practices.

PeopleWeek conducts regular cyber security audits and penetration testing of its platform and complies with data protection legislation, including GDPR and Swiss LPD.

We also partner with our clients to enable them to conduct their own independent penetration testing of our system.

In 2022, following an independent audit, PeopleWeek was one of the first companies in the world to receive the Swiss Digital Trust Certificate. The certificate stands for the trustworthiness of a digital service and follows four categories and 35 technical criteria.


PeopleWeek can make available the following documents to our clients and prospective clients:

      • Swiss Digital Trust Certificate
      • IT Security, Data Protection & Privacy Policies
      • GDPR / Swiss FDPA Compliance Statement
      • OWASP compliance results
      • Business Continuity Policy
      • Business Continuity Statement
      • Network Diagram

PeopleWeek’s Information Security Manager & Data Protection Officer is also available to address security related questions (