Our recruitment module is very candidate friendly, enabling them to apply for jobs in a few clicks. The speed at which a candidate can apply for a job ensures that your drop-off rate (people starting an application but not submitting it) is very low. PeopleWeek thereby maximizes your number of applicants.

Candidates can upload their CV in PDF or Word format as opposed to creating an on-line CV. Not only does this make the process quicker for applicants, it gives you the opportunity to see the original version of their CV, which will give you insights into applicant, for example their attention to detail and presentation.

Workflows enable HR and hiring managers to manage the recruitment process efficiently, including selecting and communicating with candidates. For example, you can send bulk emails to applicants that have been successful or unsuccessful, thereby ensuring that every applicant receives a formal response and you maintain a professional employer reputation.

You can create pre-requisite or filtering questions to ensure that you only handle applications from candidates that have the required experience or skills for the role.

Candidates or potential candidates can register their interest for future job openings and subscribe to receive alerts.