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PeopleWeek Payroll Partnership Programme

PeopleWeek’s payroll functionality

PeopleWeek stores all personal, professional and remuneration data required for payroll processing in any country. This data can then be exported to our clients’ payroll vendors for importing into their payroll engine for payroll processing. In turn, PeopleWeek can import payslips and other payroll-related documents into employees’ personal folders.

PeopleWeek can build a country-specific payroll user interface and data exports for any country. We have already done so for many countries so that our multi-country clients have an international solution.

Payroll Partners can be given segregated access to sections of PeopleWeek that are needed for payroll processing, including employees’ payroll profiles, reports and export files. Payroll Partners can use their access to make certain payroll-related configurations in PeopleWeek, for example, create new pay elements, set payroll cut-off and payment dates, and change rates of overtime compensation. Unlike clients, Payroll Partners can also enter retroactive payments and changes into PeopleWeek.

More than just payroll

Some Payroll Partners provide additional HR services, such as management of employee insurances, statutory leave (accident, sickness, maternity, paternity, parental, national services, etc), work permits, and reimbursement of expenses. PeopleWeek can also export this data so that it can be imported into your systems or managed manually.

The benefits for clients

PeopleWeek is not a payroll vendor or HR services company. We are software specialists with deep knowledge of payroll and HR internationally. This means that our software is designed to make payroll processing and HR administration as efficient as possible, secure, and significantly reduce the risk of human error (end-to-end between the employee, HR and the payroll vendor). For example:

      • Our intuitive user interface (UI) enables employees to update their personal information as needed;
      • The Pay Element UI enables HR to efficiently assign pay elements and benefits to employees;
      • HR can run reports to quickly identify any payroll-critical information that is missing or invalid;
      • The system sends automated reminders to users to ensure that they submit payroll relevant information on time;
      • Payroll Partners, employees and HR can be given shared access to employee folders to ensure document sharing takes place within PeopleWeek; and
      • Export files are automated and delivered in the format and at the frequency required.

The benefits for Payroll Partners

Our solution offers significant efficiency gains for you without the need to fundamentally change established workflows with your clients. Benefits include:

      • Improved quality and timeliness of data submitted for payroll processing;
      • Improved productivity as less time is spent chasing clients for data and correcting errors;
      • The possibility to make country-specific configurations;
      • Alignment of data in the HRIS (PeopleWeek) and the payroll engine;
      • More efficient information sharing with employees and HR, including payroll-related documents; and
      • Offering your clients and prospective clients next-generation software to meet their HR, collaboration and payroll needs.

The Payroll Partnership Programme has a white label solution for small implementations. This unbranded solution enables our Payroll Partners to offer a core set of modules to clients that have less than 50 employees. The solution is branded in the name of the Payroll Partner and you take the lead in implementing the solution for the client.

Typically companies with more than 50 employees (and sometimes those with less than 50 employees) require the full PeopleWeek solution. The full solution offers a broader set of modules and PeopleWeek takes the lead on implementations (as they are, typically, more complex than for white label clients).

Both solutions offer the same high level of technical support, IT security, data hosting, and the PeopleWeek mobile app.

PeopleWeek Payroll Partners exhibit the following characteristicse:

      • Deep local expertise;
      • Passion for customer excellence;
      • Commitment to continuous innovation;
      • Entrepreneurial spirit;
      • A collaborative mindset (see PeopleWeek as a partner and not as a competitor)

What do our partners say about collaborating with us?



Christophe Jodry
Co-Founder and Head of Global Operations, Loyco SA

Loyco SA is a provider of integrated payroll and HR services (for example, absences, insurances and pensions) to small, medium and large organisations in Switzerland. Many of our clients have international operations. Over the years we have developed our own software solutions to support our clients and our own internal operations. However, we were not able to offer a full suite of HR modules to our clients until we partnered with PeopleWeek.

With PeopleWeek, Loyco is able to offer our clients an end-to-end HR and payroll solution. Our clients manage their own data via the PeopleWeek user-friendly UI and mobile app, and it is automatically exported to Loyco in the format and at the frequency we need to manage payroll and other administrative services. We then import the data into our payroll engine. PeopleWeek’s Payroll Partner Access means that we can manage most payroll related topics autonomously with our clients and without having access to non-payroll related data.

In a nutshell, PeopleWeek enables our clients and Loyco to be completely digitalised, thereby improving data quality, timeliness and efficiency. It has also created commercial opportunities for Loyco as we increasingly see that organisations want a joined-up HR/payroll solution and expect deep subject matter expertise in both technology and services.

The Loyco and PeopleWeek teams work really well together. It genuinely feels like a partnership.



The combined PeopleWeek / Phileas80 solution enables us to offer our international clients an end-to-end HRIS and payroll solution.

On the one hand, Phileas80 provides a one-stop-shop for payroll, HR services, and mobility solutions and, on the other hand, PeopleWeek is a one-stop-shop HR and collaboration solution. Integrating both platforms is a win-win for Phileas80 and our clients because we are able to work together more efficiently. When employee and payroll data is exported to Phileas80 it is accurate, complete and on time. Likewise, Phileas80 can interact with our clients digitally rather than through spreadsheets and emails. We can even use our Payroll Partner Access to make payroll related changes retroactively, or after payroll deadlines, if agreed with the customer.

Phileas80’s clients use different HRIS solutions. Each system has its own strengths but they do not have a simple “plug-and-play” solution for managing international payroll, at least not for medium-sized companies that need an affordable solution. PeopleWeek was exactly what Phileas80 had been looking for had not found until now.

In terms of process, we can take employee personal and professional data, as well as payment instructions, from PeopleWeek, ingest it into our payroll platform, perform quality controls, agree any required changes with our clients, and then share the data securely with the payroll vendor in each country for processing. Once the pay slips have been prepared they are imported into PeopleWeek in the employee’s payroll folder to be accessed by our clients’ employees on their computer or mobile phone. As a final step, Phileas80 provides consolidated reports for our clients’ finance and accounting departments in the format that has been agreed with them.

Together, the Phileas80 and PeopleWeek teams can truly offer an end-to-end solution for medium-sized international companies.

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