Payroll data management

Payroll data management

The data and pay elements needed to process payroll in any country can be stored in PeopleWeek so that your payroll can be processed accurately, efficiently and on time. You can then efficiently generate reports needed for payroll input or we can build you an integration to automate the flow of data.

In the payroll administration panel, you can create your own drop-down lists so that payroll elements are managed in a controlled way, for example, the names of payment types, benefits plans, collective agreements, overtime pay rates, and pay slip distribution addresses. This helps to minimize payroll errors and ensures your payroll reporting is accurate.

You can use our “information” functionality to tag payroll related fields with explanations or definitions to avoid misunderstandings by the HR or payroll team that could lead to payroll errors.

You can create your own payroll cut-off date alerts so that employees, managers and HR are aware of any upcoming deadlines by which payroll related information needs to be submitted.

Payroll related documents, such as pay slips and tax statements, can also be stored in PeopleWeek and you can manage access rights to them.