Manage time-sheets

1. Go to the general left sidebar and click on “Manager Dashboard” or “HR Dashboard”.

2. Press the “Manage Time-sheets” button.

3. Here you see all your employees and their time-sheets status in a global view.

4. When your employee submit his time-sheet, the status is updated to “Pending”. You can quickly choose between “Return for corrections” or “Validate”. You can check each time-sheets by clicking on the eye if you want more details before approving it.

5. Now you see all the details of the time-sheet. You can modify it, return it for corrections or validate it by clicking on the top button. It’s also possible to download the PDF time-sheet.

6. You can also select many pending time-sheets and use “Bulk actions” in the global view to return all for corrections or validate them all !

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !