Cloud documents management makes more mobile and efficient work teams possible and more generally contributes to a more productive office environment. Cloud Document Management solutions allow large and small companies personnel to spend more time away from their desk while still carrying out the daily missions for which they responsible. Upper management, sales teams and other key personnel can thus devote much more time attending meetings or visiting clients than sitting behind their desks.

With key decision-makers out of office during extended time periods and always more pressing requirements to implement flex work hours, adoption of a cloud documents management certainly goes a long right way towards ensuring business activities continuity. Collaborative tools and documents sharing are key to ensuring that the personnel can work together any time, regardless of location.

Usual cloud documents management systems allow to :

– Store a full range of documents types in a central repository, including contracts, sales material, employees’ files and activities plans.
– Approve, ask and provide comments about commercial documents anytime, anywhere, swiftly.
– Provide selective access to confidential commercial information.
– Search files based on keywords.
– Keep track of documents changes and be able to access previous versions.

Safety, reliability, transparency: discover how we store your documents in Switzerland

Cloud-based technology evolves rapidly and allows us to keep in close touch with people worldwide. As a person, you might perhaps not realize it, but you rely probably much more than you think on the cloud to either save your personal data, your media files or any other kind of document meaningful to you. The same scheme applies to an enterprise environment. Cloud documents management significantly increases productivity, improving communication with colleagues while saving critical documents.