Teamwork is one of the most important aspects to consider in a modern work environment. However, the Internet as well as “scattered” organizational structures may lead to team members being spread around the world or merely in a building. Whatever the case may be, often team members are not physically present in the same office room. So, for the teamwork to be efficient it is important for enterprises to implement modern work practices and technologies which help colleagues, wherever they may be, to share their work in a simple and efficient way. That’s where a good collaboration tool comes into play. If you consider adopting – or proposing to adopt – on-line collaboration tools, the following list of advantages should help you and your organization decide about this useful technology.

Tracking & Storing made simple
Projects tracking made simple and easy

On-line collaborative tools provide a wide range of project monitoring functionalities which allow team members to follow project evolution since the very first day. It has never been so easy to monitor a project. Knowing who made the latest modification to a document, retrieve pre-modification state of the document or notify a colleague to review a document are but a few of the available functionalities. On-line collaborative tools supersede email as the main communication means between team members which completely eliminates for example the need to search mailboxes for a lost document.


Team members can be anywhere

Provided they have an Internet access, team members can work remotely, anywhere in the world or dispersed throughout a large office space. This means that a team may be completely dispersed while working in an organized way. Colleagues staying in different cities or even countries can easily work together on the same project allowing their company to select the best possible team for a given project regardless of employees’ locations. This also means that roaming employees (visiting clients, suppliers, on business trip,…) no longer are disconnected from the project and may contribute to it as if they were at their office.


Reporting made simple

Practically all projects require report generation (reporting) which could be extremely time-consuming and stressful for the manager as well as for the employees. Sometimes you lose track of some tasks which have been achieved for a given project, particularly when you work with a large team. However, using a good on-line collaboration tool, it is easy to quickly generate detailed reports which include all activities pertaining to a given project which gives team members more time to work on results-generating activities.


Actions are performed quickly

For example, with a good on-line collaboration tool, it is no longer necessary to organize a meeting or conference call to review working documents (eg contract to be sent, answer to an RFP, prototype technical data, logo’s template). The working documents can be uploaded in the tool and the persons concerned can be automatically notified that documents have been uploaded. They can annotate the documents, make all necessary changes and inform all team members that the documents have been reviewed and are ready. This simplifies a lot the workflow around a project.


Everything is stored at the same place

This allows each member of the team to have access to all relevant documents, regardless of location. Furthermore, employees no longer need to store documents on a USB key or other storage device if they plan to work remotely and all document updates are displayed immediately. It is no longer necessary that the different versions of a document be sent by e-mail and team members always know where to find the latest version of a document.