Business Case:

Company profile-vVardis:
Number of employees: +65 Wwide
Industry: Oral health care – MedTech
Founded: November 2020
Headquarters: Zug, Switzerland

About vVardis

The New Science of Oral Health. A quest.

Driven by our desire to erase the #1 disease in the world – tooth decay – we at vVARDIS have a vision. vVARDIS believe that oral care is the indispensable foundation of holistic health and wellbeing and we’re on a mission to improve the quality of oral care for all – with the goal of creating a drill-free future for the next generation.

vVARDIS combines revolutionary patented technologies and leading-edge science with the legacy of Swiss purity and precision, in an advanced regimen that helps eliminate initial decay, restores, strengthens and whitens teeth, and provides healthy, long-lasting protection without sensitivity.

About Nick

Nick Egger works as Chief People Officer at vVardis. As such, he is responsible for HR strategic planning and all HR operations. Before starting in his role back in August 2021, he worked for 25+ years in various Senior HR roles for organizations with up to 10,000 employees. He worked in various geographies, such as in Asia, Europe and the USA.

The challenges

During his first days at vVARDIS, Nick quickly realized the need for a change:

“We used 2-3 different tools for handling employee and payroll data, including Excel. We used spreadsheets and had to enter changes manually – and that left quite a large room for error in the record management with no established workflows”

“Recruitment was a tedious task: finding potential hires, responding to emails/notifications, scheduling and doing the rounds of interviews, creating reports for each round, dealing with declines… It’s easy to lose track and be out of sync with your colleagues and candidates.”

vVARDIS concluded that they needed a tool to digitalize all their HR operations in order to improve efficiency:

“We faced many challenges when it comes to collaboration and defining who does what. We needed to find a solution – and we needed to find it quickly as we are in start-up/scale up mode.”

The solution

Shortly afterwards, Nick got in touch with Paul Jon Martin to discuss possible solutions to vVardis’ challenges.

“I wanted to find a vanilla solution that is also customisable and intuitive to use. PeopleWeek offers exactly that: ready-made software that is also tailored to what our need.

“Pragmatic, insightful and easy-to-use HR modules with a payroll integration on employee data – thanks to partnership with Loyco – and strong focus on data protection and security (Swiss base DB), with a clear overview of all operations in sync with our People Strategy – it became clear early on that PeopleWeek is a one-stop-shop for our HR operations at vVARDIS.”

Additionally, Nick liked the fact that vVardis and PeopleWeek have a similar mindset:

“Swiss-made next-generation products, science advanced and having the willingness to deliver as well as working for consumers to shape a better future thanks to unique products – we have that in common! That made the decision to go with PeopleWeek incredibly easy 😊”

All organisational and people data was imported into the system within four weeks, enabling vVardis to go live about six weeks after making the decision to implement PeopleWeek.

The results:

Now that vVardis uses PeopleWeek, Nick is much more comfortable:

“I’m more at ease and have more confidence now that I know that all of the employees’ records are under “one roof”, safe and secured. It runs smoothly, with no data points missing and no dual entry of data. It is also linked to our payroll provider Loyco. As a result, I can now focus more time on talent management programs and organization design, HR strategy and rely on a solid and transparent organisation layout.”

The recruitment process is much simpler now:

“Everyone involved in the hiring process has access to an applicant’s page, can leave comments to discuss impressions, while seeing my colleagues’ notes and remarks about our valued candidates. The recruitment module is intuitive, there are less barriers than what I was used to with major HR software’s. It enables everyone to be up to date and on the same page.

Additionally, thanks to the state-of-the-art collaboration tool, our people are much more aware of their responsibilities and who is who and doing what in the organisation. This ensures higher visibility and makes it easy for me to provide process definitions to the employees.”

Autonomy is another benefit for the HR department at vVardis:

“My team and I can manage the employee and payroll data, add new hires, and make changes in the system independently. Since the software is easy to use and requires no additional training, we don’t have to rely on an IT team and lengthy UAT testing.”.


Nick has some closing words about vVardis and PeopleWeek:

“We feel like we are being listened to and that PeopleWeek is fully committed to fulfilling our needs – time and time again over the past months this has proven to be the case. PeopleWeek did an implementation that usually takes around 12+ months in less than 6 weeks. The level of professionalism, the quality of the delivery and expertise they have shown is something we like to be associated with.”

“My team and I are extremely satisfied with PeopleWeek’s software and collaboration tool, and I would recommend it any small/medium-sized companies (SME).”

“It’s been great to collaborate with the PeopleWeek team and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next, it looks promising and deployable quickly & easily”.

Nick Egger
Chief People Officer at vVardis SA


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