Business Case:
Syz Group

Company profile-Syz Group
Number of employees: 270 employees
Industry: Private Banking
Founded: 1996
Headquarters: Geneva

About Syz

The Syz Group is a family owned and managed Swiss financial group focused on excellent long-term investment performance, robust risk management, and personal service for clients. Descending from a family that have been entrepreneurs for centuries, the group was co-founded in 1996 by Eric Syz who still leads the firm alongside his two sons and a team of industry experts.

The challenges

Syz Group needed a new Human Resources Information System (HRIS) to further support the transformation of the organization and optimize HR management.
Thomas Heurtevent, Senior Compensation and Benefits Manager, as well as the HR lead on the project, explains this in more detail:

“We concluded that we need a Human Capital Management (HCM) system that would enable us to fully integrate employee personal, professional and payroll data with our payroll engine.

This needed to be done in a way that would not change the existing underlying processes that were well-established with our payroll vendor.”

Performance management and onboarding were two other processes that required new tools:

“We wanted to take a fresh approach better reflecting our vision of performance management and wanted to be able to manage objectives, evaluations and employee development planning as either separate or integrated processes. PeopleWeek enables us to do this.

Additionally, we needed to manage onboarding and employee transfers in a seamless way between the HR and IT teams and without affecting existing processes.”


The solution

The Project team was looking for a user-friendly software interface, but also a solution that’s both off-the-shelf and customized to Syz’ requirements:

“We were initially impressed by PeopleWeek’s customisable UI and the ease with which clients can manage many of their own configurations autonomously. However, we were also conscious of the fact that Syz wanted to avoid as much as possible making changes to existing internal processes that worked very well, for example payroll and onboarding.

Most HR systems do not allow this unless you purchase a highly tailored solution, which is clearly more expensive and time consuming to implement.”

The results:

It took PeopleWeek and Syz 16 weeks to implement the software functionalities for the 270 employees within the group.

Group Syz was very satisfied with the results:

“PeopleWeek was able to provide ready-made solutions to most of our requirements and partner with us to develop new solutions where needed.
Thanks to the modules we implemented – People, Payroll, Onboarding, and Performance – I can confidently say that we have modern and efficient tools, which can be further developed as our needs evolve.

For Nicole Aepli, Head of HR Strategy:

“PeopleWeek brought both HR and IT know-how to the table. In some areas we knew exactly what we wanted from a new HRIS but in other areas we were looking for creative input to help us re-think some of our practices. PeopleWeek’s shared this experience with us during the design phase.”


Nicole’s thoughts on the partnership and the PeopleWeek experience:

“Overall, it has felt like a collaborative partnership both during and post implementation.
Together, Syz and PeopleWeek have implemented user-friendly solutions needed by our employees, managers and HR. Importantly, the project was delivered on time and budget.”

Nicole Aepli
Head of HR Strategy
Thomas Heurtevent
Senior Compensation and Benefits Manager


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