Business Case:

Company profile-Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône:
Number of employees: 370
Industry: Property management and real estate sales
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: Geneva, with several agencies located in French-speaking Switzerland

About GeroFinance

GeroFinance creates winning synergies thanks to the expertise and complementarity of each partner entity. The company is present throughout the French-speaking region of Switzerland with agencies in Geneva, Vaud and more recently Valais.

They benefit from solid experience in all areas of property management and brokerage, including management of rental properties, villas and commercial premises, and tax and financial advice.

The challenges

The HR department at GeroFinance remembers how they conducted their daily work processes before implementing PeopleWeek:

“We took care of most of our day-to-day tasks by hand.

Eventually, we realized that it might be beneficial for us if we digitalized our work processes. That could help us be more organised and efficient.”

The group currently consists of 20 agencies, which created the challenge to synchronise all of them:

“We determined that if we want to have a smooth flow of information among all colleagues and keep every entity informed about company policies, we needed a proper tool. We intended to centralize and promote communication between all agencies.”

The solution

GeroFinance started looking for solutions and that’s when they came across PeopleWeek.

During the presentation they were impressed with the modules:

“We were presented with a number of modules that could make our daily tasks easier. Additionally, we found the software features user-friendly and identified solutions to challenges we didn’t even realise we had.”

The results:

Martine is Deputy Director of Human Resources at GeroFinance Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône.
She feels like they are very well supported and that everyone in PeopleWeek’s team did and does everything to meet their needs, while being open to developing new features when GeroFinance had specific requirements.

As a result, the daily workflows at GeroFinance are digitalized and their cross-agency collaboration has improved significantly:

“It’s very easy to be up to date with a particular entity’s news and events thanks to the News and Events modules.

I can be miles away from my colleagues yet know who’s where and what they are working on. The software provides us with a high level of transparency, control, and effectiveness.”

In addition, the Absences and Expenses features have proven to be very useful for Martine and her colleagues:

“By using the Expenses module, our employees can easily record their expenses and have them approved. For us, the HR department, it’s a very important feature that allows us to generate reports on expenses and gives us the autonomy to define and change the expense category and types with just a few clicks.

The Absences module has been very important for our concierges. This module gives them the opportunity to coordinate each other and make sure there’s always someone to greet and assist the guests.”


One very important aspect for any potential collaboration is setting realistic expectations to meet the needs of the client:

“For me, personally, I think it’s very important to clearly define the requirements from the start. With PeopleWeek, we feel like they were truly committed to solving our problems and help us overcome our challenges.

Moreover, we get the necessary training to quickly learn how the modules work in order to use them to their best potential.

I would recommend PeopleWeek to any medium- and large-sized organisation looking to digitalize their daily workflows, improve cross-department collaboration, and to increase efficiency with the help of a variety of user-friendly modules.”

Martine Lopez-Labre
Deputy Director of Human Resources


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