Business Case:
ACE & Company

Company profile-ACE & Company:
Number of employees: 40
Industry: Private equity
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

About ACE & Company

ACE & Company (“ACE”), founded in 2005, is a global investment group specialized in private investments The company has offices in Geneva (headquarters), London, Cairo, New York, and Hong Kong.

Anushan Sinnathamby is an Administration Manager at ACE. He’s in charge of cross-team communications, making sure that all processes are in place and working smoothly. Anushan is the main link between management and employees.

The challenges

Anushan remembers the struggles he and his colleagues faced before implementing PeopleWeek:

“We used multiple tools to keep track of important data and events. It was quite complicated for me to share new policies and important articles with team members. “

Another important aspect was having a clear overview of employee absences and public information:

“Keeping track of absences, vacation days, holidays and who’s working where – that wasn’t an easy task. We needed a solution that enables me to have line of sight of employees’ whereabouts.”

The solution

Anushan got in touch with Patrick Sikias, the founder of PeopleWeek, to explore how PeopleWeek could help ACE:

“Patrick explained to me how PeopleWeek could help ACE to be more efficient and that its unique software has both HR and employee collaboration modules, which is exactly what we needed.”

The modules ACE uses are People, Time & Attendance, Remoting Working, Intranet for News, Documents, Lists, Contents publishing, and Voting.

“We were shown a one-stop HR and collaboration platform. I couldn’t wait to see the final implementation.”

The implementation took about 1 week for ACE & Company’s 40 employees.

The results:

Two-and-a-half years since implementing PeopleWeek, Anushan explains how the software has made his day-to-day tasks easier:

“I can have all the information I need in one place. PeopleWeek has given me the flexibility to share files, documentation, news and presentations with all teams, as well as to vote on important decisions within the company and keep track of absences and employees working remotely.

Another important aspect for me is autonomy. After implementing PeopleWeek, I do not need to involve our IT team to manage the system. I can make changes, create my own lists and add new policies in real-time and on my own – the way I see fit.”

Anushan is very positive about the customer support and development team:

“The training went smoothly. From day one we have received great support from the technical team whenever we needed it. As a result, any issues have been resolved swiftly.”


A few closing words for organisations similar to ACE & Company:

“I would recommend PeopleWeek as an ideal off-the-shelf but at the same time customized software solution. If you like practical modules that provide you with complete control and autonomy, then PeopleWeek is the way to go.”

Anushan Sinnathamby
Administration Manager at ACE & Company


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