Add / delete / modify a task

1. Let’s start by going to the left sidebar, in the “Projects” tab.

2. By default, you arrive in the tab “My tasks”, Go to the Projects tab and click on the project for which you want to add a task.

3. You arrive in the “Tasks” tab of the project.

4. Click on “Add Task” to add a task.

5. Fill in the fields of the task, putting the task, the person to whom it is assigned, its start date and end date and if necessary, you can add a note.

6. Click « add » and your task is created and connected to your project!

7. Edit the task by clicking on it and then on the pencil for each field. You can also delete any tasks by clicking on the “Trash” button in the “Actions” column.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !