Add / delete files and folders

1. Let’s start by going to the left sidebar, in the “Projects” tab.

2. By default, you arrive in the tab “My tasks”, Go to the “Projects” tab and click on the project for which you want to add a file or folder.

3. You arrive in the « Tasks » tab of the project. Go to the Projects tab and click on the “Drive” tab.

4. Add a folder by clicking on the « Folder » button :

5. Choose a name for your folder :

6. Click on the « Create » button and your folder is created !

7. Add a file by clicking on the« Upload button » :

8. Upload your file from your computer, click on « Add » and your file is now on your drive.

9. To delete a folder or a file, click on the « Trash » button on the right.

10. Now, you know how to manage your files and folders !

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !